Captained Cruises & Waterway Taxi

Waterway Taxi and Captained cruises are available for those who want to leave the driving to someone else. (Maximum of 6 persons) .Need a waterway ride to dinner? How about a shopping cruise? Or…

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We provide Captained services for Holden Beach, Ocean Isle, Sunset Beach, Oak Island and Southport.

6 Person Maximum


About Our Boat Rentals

During season our boats are available for rent from 8am til 8pm - 7 days a week.

All boats are approved for navigation in the Intracoastal Waterway only (absolutely no ocean).
All crafts are equipped with the appropriate number of life preservers, a first aid kit and a full tank of gas.

NO Ocean Operation
NO Night Operation
NO Towing of Anything or Anyone
NO Cash Refunds, Time Credits Only
Taxes & Gas Are Additional

Fantasea Boat Rental staff will refuel the boat and you will be charged only for the amount of gas you used.

For more info about Captained Cruises, 

call: 910.842.8484

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    Cancellation Policy


    Should the renter decide to cancel before their scheduled reservation there will be a 50% charge of the rental. 

    If it is raining or thundering at the "SCHEDULED TIME" of your rental, you may cancel or reschedule at no cost. 

    If while on your allotted boat rental time it begins to rain or thunder, you may come back for a prorated refund.

    No-calls and no-shows will be charged a minimum of $100. 

    Boats are expected to be returned to the dock at the agreed upon time, or incur additional charge.

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